A Straightforward Approach To Practicing Law

Simply put, AC Cummins Law is a small, client-focused firm where the emphasis is on making sure that everyone who walks through the door is treated with respect and gets the service they need at a reasonable price.

A Florida native working with families, veterans, and business owners to plan for the future and resolve legal issues.

Providing Estate Planning And Services For Veterans And The Disabled

AC Cummins Law is a general practice firm focused on building strong client relationships. Attorney Amanda Cummins is a disabled veteran with a passion for helping fellow veterans, families and fellow business owners. Her passion for helping people and businesses overcome legal challenges, and her plan for the future is evident in her hands-on approach to practicing law. She is a former prosecutor and middle school teacher who also has first-hand experience applying for disability benefits from the Veterans Administration. Her broad knowledge and experience allow her to connect with clients and deliver service tailored to their individual needs.

People Focused Rather Than Profit Focused

Attorney Cummins is more focused on serving the needs of her clients than billing for every little thing. Unlike some larger firms in the area, she does not bill for emails or for short, quick phone calls. Instead of padding her invoices with questionable charges, she would rather help clients find a resolution that fits both their needs and their budget. The goal is not to maximize profits, but to maximize client satisfaction.

A Down-To-Earth Attorney Who Can Help

For straightforward legal counsel at reasonable rates, contact AC Cummins Law today.