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AC Cummins Law Is Here To Help You Plan For The Future

Everyone should have an estate plan. It is a guiding set of documents to help your family quickly move through probate. But an estate plan is also an act of care and compassion, providing your family with guidance in an already difficult time.

Attorney Amanda Cummins cares deeply about her clients from St. Petersburg and across Florida. As someone who grew up in Florida, she has deep ties to the community and works hard to help families have an easier time in these difficult areas.

Estate Planning With Compassion

Most people are so caught up in the day-to-day that they put off planning for their future. Accidents can happen, and you should prepare for the worst-case scenario. Whether it is a power of attorney, living will or full estate plan, Amanda will ensure that you fully understand what documents are best for you and which plans will be best for your family. If you are living in a skilled nursing facility, are disabled, or elderly and cannot travel to the office, please let us know.  Amanda does home visits.

Guidance Through Intricate Elder Law Issues

Elder law encompasses many areas of the law. Individuals may not understand the importance of planning and prepare for autonomy later in life. This can include the strategic planning of assets for use during your lifetime; working with retirement, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities; planning for Medicaid; planning for long-term care; and taking steps to assist aging-in-place.

A Skilled Probate Attorney

Losing a loved one is never easy and navigating the probate system can be overwhelming. If there are unresolved issues within the estate, fighting can ensue. Families may fight over the division of assets, unknown changes to the estate plan, or concerns about the will’s validity.

Compassion And Care From A Local Attorney

Attorney Amanda Cummins provides comprehensive services to help resolve issues in a timely and cost-efficient manner. She cares about what you’re going through and strives to minimize the difficulties ahead.

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