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Insight Into The Issues Faced By Veterans And Individuals With Disabilities

Trust is a precious resource to veterans, and it can be difficult for some to put their faith in an attorney. Veterans want to know that their attorney can help them, but also that they understand them.

At AC Cummins Law, attorney Amanda Cummins understands veterans and the issues ahead of them because she is one. As a disabled veteran, she intimately knows the difficulties that her clients face from day to day. She is an adviser and advocate for veterans across St. Petersburg and Florida.

Understanding And Compassion In Disability Law Services

Attorney Amanda Cummins can also help you navigate the Social Security Administration. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are not healthy or have a disability. Let AC Cummins Law help you file your application or handle your appeal.

But disability law encompasses so much more than Social Security. Students may need assistance getting services in school, the employee may need assistance getting reasonable accommodations at work, and planning may need to be done to preserve qualifications for public benefits. As a former middle school teacher, she knows the struggles faced by students and their parents and she strives to help wherever she can.

Skilled. Caring. Thoughtful.

Amanda is accredited to represent you before the VA. If you need help appealing a denial of your claim for veteran’s benefits, our firm can help. Amanda personally understands the stress caused by medical issues, and denial of claims only makes your tough situation worse. Let her help you get the benefits you deserve.

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Attorney Amanda Cummins is ready to get to work for you. In your meeting with her, she will listen to you and offer you compassion and detailed legal guidance on what you should do. Call her office at 352-219-7330 or send an email to get started.