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Who We Are And Why We Love What We Do

When you have a legal problem, you want an attorney with a passion for helping. One who understands your struggles and cares about your outcomes.

That attorney is Amanda Cummins of AC Cummins Law. She is a retired Marine and a former teacher, and understands the challenges of everyday life. She works hard for people with many legal issues.

Learn more about Amanda’s qualifications by reading her bio below:

An Attorney With A Diverse Background

Amanda is a Florida native; she grew up in Ocala, Florida, and had dreams from a very young age of being a veterinarian. Chemistry 1 taught her that life doesn’t always work out the way we plan, so she became a United States Marine instead.

After her service, she taught middle school, and intimately understands the challenges of students who need specially designed instruction and services in order to thrive in the school environment. Her diverse experience as a person has led to a diverse practice as an attorney with experience in a broad range of issues, such as:

  • Divorce
  • Adoption
  • Name changes
  • Landlord-tenant
  • Contract review
  • Estate planning
  • Consumer issues

Her passion is working with families in preparation for the future. Proper planning can help alleviate many issues that may arise as a result of changing family dynamics and aging. Her practice focuses on maintaining and preserving the autonomy and dignity of aging members of the community, helping families navigate the probate process, and special needs planning. She also is skilled with legal issues faced by people looking to start their businesses.

Help For Veteran Issues From A Veteran

As a disabled veteran, she has firsthand experience navigating the Integrated Disability Evaluation System and the VA for disability claims and appeals. Finding yourself with a life-changing medical diagnosis (or several) can bring even the toughest person to their knees. Having someone who shares your experience can make a huge difference.

Additionally, she prosecuted cases while serving in the United States Marine Corps involving administrative separation proceedings, boards of inquiry, military offenses, drug offenses, assaults, DUI, obstructing justice, false official statements, sexual offenses and computer crimes involving children.

Passionate About People, Compassionate About Their Problems

Amanda loves helping families of all shapes, sizes and compositions. She especially loves helping families plan for their pets, because pets are family, too! Pet trusts are a unique tool that enables pet owners to ensure their pets are cared for and loved in the event they are no longer able to.

Contact AC Cummins Law to learn more about how Amanda Cummins can help you. Call 352-219-7330 or send an email to get started.